V-Traffic – The safest, fastest, most economical way of reaching your destination!

Mobility affects everyone – companies, government agencies and individuals. V-Traffic solutions, devised by market leader Mediamobile, focus on finding the smartest way to your destination by analyzing traffic and weather conditions and proposing optimized routes.

Our innovations are helping government agencies reduce environmental impact and save energy. They’re helping companies become more competitive. And they’re helping individuals rediscover the joy of mobility by making road traffic safer and more predictable.

In every country and city, you’ll encounter specific issues caused by a mix of the local geography, demography, infrastructure and economy. Based on local expertise that really is local, V-Traffic solutions deliver the right response to all these different factors.

We’ve built our expertise by interpreting data collected from millions of road users across our international network so we can provide you with the most accurate and refined traffic information on the market.

And by using reliable, low-cost distribution methods to deliver our information to you directly, our V-Traffic solutions help you overcome the mobility challenges of the present – and of the future. 

V-Traffic takes you to destination, the fastest, safest and most economical way.

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