V-Traffic automotive solutions

The new benchmark for safety at the wheel

Thanks to direct partnerships with the world’s leading automakers and GPS manufacturers, V-Traffic services are the most widely used traffic services in Europe’s automotive market.

Onboard solutions – Mediamobile’s top market

With a customer portfolio that includes more than 20 automakers, Mediamobile is one of Europe’s leading traffic information suppliers. We deliver our services to road users via the most efficient and popular technologies available, including RDS-TMC, connected TPEG, connected XML and DAB-TPEG.

Mediamobile is establishing an enviable position in this sector by working closely together with equipment manufacturers and navigation solution providers, as well as other specialists in the field. Through our many partnerships and joint ventures, Mediamobile plays a key role in the continual innovation that characterizes in-vehicle navigation and infotainment systems. 

V-Traffic RDS-TMC Europe

Check out the traffic information service with the broadest coverage currently available – accessible by 420 million Europeans across 19 countries. It’s the simplest way to deliver a complete service to onboard navigation systems and personal GPS devices. Find out more.

V-Traffic Premium DAB

Discover the future of traffic info! Delivering impressive quantities of rich information thanks to a capacity hundreds of times greater than RDS-TMC networks, V-Traffic Premium DAB is quite simply the premium service that offers the best value for money – because it’s available for life, with no limitations on usage. Find out more.

V-Traffic Premium Connected

Undoubtedly our most flexible service, V-Traffic Premium Connected delivers traffic information with personalized content – including interactive and community-focused services. Information is transmitted in TPEG or XML format.

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