V-Traffic business solutions

Data archives going back more than five years, plus the statistical expertise to analyze them

Nowadays, what business doesn’t depend on mobility? Or rather – on accurate, complete, up-to-date mobility information? Our solutions aren’t just intended for motorists. Your business may depend on other mobility services: fleet management, urban development, zone planning or logistics. In which case, we can design the solutions you need – tailored to your specific requirements.

Mobility info that works for your business

Mediamobile gives business customers access to our extensive archives, including historical data, speed profiles, calendar data, journey times and real-time travel speeds.

As a fleet manager, you can use our data in your analysis and decision-support tools for logistics planning or traffic management applications.

As a public-sector agency (e.g. in charge of urban transport or urban planning), you can use our data to carry out highly detailed analyses of short-term traffic movements or traffic trends. It’s also ideal for use as a decision-making aid for planning transport needs.

As a motorway operator, you can use our tools to measure and monitor the performance of your road networks. They also help to verify data collected by your in-house teams and monitor the network of secondary roads feeding into your motorways. 

As a strategy consultant, you can use our data to understand, anticipate and quantify household mobility and driver behavior. 

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