V-Traffic media solutions

Traffic information that adapts to any medium and works on any platform

Nowadays, information is more multimedia than ever before. Our V-Traffic solutions are rapidly becoming the preferred source for every kind of information channel and platform – from digital radio and television through tablets and smartphones to digital signage. That’s because we supply services, content and applications tailored specifically for these dynamic and constantly evolving distribution channels.

Information is everywhere – and so is Mediamobile

Currently, two clear trends are evident: first, information channels are multiplying (information is everywhere), and second, new platforms are rapidly taking the lead – smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and so on.

That’s why we’ve assigned such a high priority to the media sector in Mediamobile’s development strategy for the last few years – because we’re determined to establish an active presence across the entire media landscape.

We offer users accurate, reliable information, in real time, on the consumption platform of their choice: fixed, in-vehicle, mobile, on screens large and small. You name it, we support it.


V-Traffic Web Services

Our V-Traffic Web Packs are turnkey solutions, enabling web developers to build mobility and weather information sections on their websites swiftly and easily, on a national or regional basis. Our V-Traffic Web Packs adapt flexibly to the layout and dimensions of any website. Read more...


V-Traffic Radio Services

Mediamobile offers turnkey solutions to radio stations that want to create their own traffic bulletins. These professional management tools, based on our V-Traffic info flow, allow journalists to view key details – including traffic status, developing events, travel times and traffic trends over the next few minutes or hours – at a glance. Journalists can then select the information that interests them and compile their bulletins before going live on air.


V-Traffic TV Services

V-Traffic TV Services is a platform capable of supplying 3-D maps and illustrations suitable for immediate use on television or online (IP-TV) television channels. A suite of tools allows journalists to view key details – including traffic status, developing events, travel times and traffic trends over the next few minutes or hours – at a glance. 


V-Traffic Digital Signage Services

Now airports, train stations, hotels, service stations, businesses and public spaces can be fitted with digital signage delivering a continuous stream of traffic and weather info in real time. V-Traffic Digital Signage is easy to deploy and perfectly meets the needs of distributors, media networks and installers. The dynamic V-Traffic screen displays traffic status, journey times and all types of traffic incidents. We can also provide regional and local weather forecasts and updates, in partnership with Météo France. Read more...

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