Mediamobile brings in knowledge to the Safer community

Mediamobile joined SAFER as member from the operational year 12. We have met with Erik Lindbohm, the Field Quality Manager, Scandinavia, to learn more about the new member.

Hello Erik Lindbohm at MediaMobile! Welcome to SAFER! Tell us more about Mediamobile, who are you?

Mediamobile – a subsidiary of the TDF Group – is one of the leading providers of real-time traffic and mobility information services in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Our services are marketed under the V-Traffic brand.

Mediamobile customers include more than 20 automakers, like Volvo and Scania who use our traffic information services in their onboard navigation systems. Our services are also redistributed by manufacturers of personal navigation devices (PND). And did we mention how popular we are with the media, including radio and TV broadcasters, digital signage suppliers, websites like Göteborgs-Posten (

We develop and market a complete range of services – and deliver them across most of Europe. Our philosophy is simple – we aim to deliver the best possible information to users, tailored to their local circumstances. Nordics is our second home and our experience and the view from the north is allowing us to focus on safety as a natural base for developing services. To achieve our high standards of reliability we apply a local approach. We operate information locally with local language and local traffic culture knowledge of each Nordic countries. Traffic information center improves and combines information by creating totally new content listening local radios and reading local media in real-time.


Which benefits do you foresee with your SAFER membership?

From the Nordic point of view SAFER is seen as a third home base for us. Our teams in Europe are focusing on key aspects in traffic safety and developing still better services and mobility. Our Nordic team has more Scandinavian mindset and experience in everyday mobility. It means more safety and safety related services and content category for our customers. We feel that SAFER is perfect network to share our experience and expertise and further develop services with other SAFER members.    


Which are the most important traffic safety matters related to your operation?

We think that good traffic information belongs to everyone and should always have positive impact to all drivers regardless of time, place or driver. Traditionally, traffic information is seen mainly as travel speed or incident information in the urban areas with dense population and vehicles. V-Traffic is a real-time traffic safety information focusing on pre-crash phase, helping drivers to be better prepared for unexpected situations on the road. V-Traffic Road Weather informs drivers of sudden weather changes on the road as icy roads, side wind etc. and is delivered in real time more than 600 000 times in the Nordics every year.

V-Traffic Road Weather has been developed since 2009 with Finnish Meteorological Institute and June 2017 we expanded our service European wide with Foreca. V-Traffic Active Elk warning system warns drivers of elks on the road and delivered last year more than 14 000 warnings for the motorist about high risk of elk collision in Finland.

V-Traffic Active Elk warning content has been developed jointly with hunter’s associations and private hunting device manufactures and was launched 2015 in Finland and will come 2017 in Sweden. V-Traffic safety traffic information is distributed to the users with multiple well adopted channels. From safety perspective, the most important is broadcasting (RDS-TMC, DAB-TPEG) which is designed to reach unlimited number of users. Our goal is to reach majority of the motorist regardless of the technology.

V-Traffic Safety information can be found in GPS navigation and infotainment units for lifetime of the vehicle. Also radio stations can share the V-Traffic Safety information when radio channels has V-Traffic professional service in the studios. Furthermore, smartphone apps of Android and iOS are available for free as well as the web services.

By Malin Persson