V-Traffic Flow Data – Speeds in real time

Our info flow on real-time traffic speeds is an essential tool, enabling your navigation system to find the fastest route, calculate precise journey times, and generate maps showing traffic status at any given moment.

In Europe, the V-Traffic info flow covers more than 1 million kilometers of motorway, as well as dual carriageways and secondary roads.

Our unique system for measuring speed is based on the real-time monitoring and analysis of anonymized data from millions of vehicles fitted with GPS systems, as well as millions of mobile phones on networks operated by Orange and others, plus hundreds of other sources that regularly transmit their locations.

Two technologies – FCD (Floating Car Data) and FMD (Floating Mobile Data) – help our V-Traffic services cover areas outside the main road networks with unprecedented accuracy, while simultaneously cross-referencing and refining the data we collect from more traditional sources.