Mediamobile – the experts in traffic and mobility information

Mediamobile – a subsidiary of Be-mobile – is one of the leading providers of real-time traffic and mobility information services in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Our services are marketed under the V-Traffic brand.

Mediamobile specializes in mobility services, collecting and interpreting traffic-related data in real time, and then distributing the resulting valued-added information using the most widespread and efficient technologies available. We deliver our services over RDS-TMC terrestrial radio, DAB digital radio, GPRS/3G/4G mobile networks and the Internet. And because we’ve developed highly sophisticated methods for processing and analyzing data, we provide the most accurate traffic information on the market.

We also maintain close partnerships with the leading players in the industry. Which means our V-Traffic solutions respond to local needs on a pan-European scale. 

Mediamobile customers include more than 20 automakers who use our traffic information services in their onboard navigation systems. Our services are also redistributed by manufacturers of personal navigation devices (PND), as well as mobile network operators. And did we mention how popular we are with the media, including radio and TV broadcasters, digital signage suppliers, website developers, and many more?

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